Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 8, Wednesday, September 26, 2001.

Jet Boat ride from The Confluence of The Green & Colorado Rivers to Moab.

101 degrees, you heard me 101 DEGREES !!!!

It's the last morning. Time to pack up and get out of paradise.

Brian considers burying some of his gear as a time capsule.

Him again!

Getting ready for the Jet Boat arrival.

Our pick up arrived on schedule at 11:30am. The next few pix were taken along the Colorado River as we sped up river in the jet boat at 25 mph.

After padding down it was nice to have 20mph breeze in your hair going up stream.

Burned and rested...

Dead Horse Point looking up from the river. 2,000 ft to the top.

The jet boat back at Tex's place in Moab.

Sneed drives to Grand Junction.

Brian sits in First Class and starts arranging the pix for this web site.

After dropping Dave, Rob and Brian off at the Grand Junction airport Sneed headed back to Texas via the high country of south Colorado. He drove over three passes all in excess of 10,900 ft elevation.

Red Mountain Pass at 11,006 ft. The Tahoe was really sucking hard. ..........................................

As I passed through this tunnel a young Mule deer darted in front of me. Lucky for me the Tahoe was struggling to make 25 mph at this 10,500 elevation.

Sun rise over west Texas at 85 mph. Houston lies only 700 miles east!