Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 7, Tuesday, September 25, 2001.

Mile 9 to Mile 0 - The Confluence of The Green & Colorado Rivers.

97's getting harder and harder to keep the beer cold !

The canyon walls were getting higher. Water level was approximately 3,600 elevation with the surrounding buttes topping 4,400 elevation.

There was the occasional cliff dwelling. At least from 600 years ago.

We only did 9 miles this day but that did not stop us from taking it easy. It was hot.

Yes we found the confluence. Now what do we do?

The end of the paddling part of the trip. The large sandbar at the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Anyone need 25 acres of sandy beach not reachable by car?

The local National Park Ranger stopped by to chat. Twin 40 hp outboards on the back of this inflatable raft made his travel easy.

Brian & Rob did some butte climbing and took a few bird's eye view pix of the confluence. The Green is from the left and the Colorado from the top. They combine and the new Colorado roars off to the right toward Cataract Canyon. The famous VERY downhill part of the Colorado River ride.

The Green in the foreground and the butte opposite. A good shot of the layers of sediment. It we read our guide correctly the bottom layer was about 250,000,000 years old. We found several fossil tube worms in the soft sand at about the 200,000,000 million year old level.

Brian is as high as he can get up the butte.

Ditto Rob.

Rock Climbing 101

Quiet camp at Confluence.

Survivors, Green River version!

After dinner while sitting around the campfire most of the emergency liquid was consumed with vigor. During this phase of the story telling Dean regales us of his collage days when he was a football star at some small U in Mich. Here he is demonstrating the jump over sticks drill.

Brian not to be out done by Dean, showed us how he was a flaming torch bearer in a previous life.

Campfire on the beach. Relaxing on the last night.

Brian did not wear a shirt the first day. He also did not use any sunscreen. He burned!

The Societe Banner resting on the hot sand at the confluence.