Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 6, Monday, September 24, 2001.

Mile 25 to Mile 9. -- 16 miles -- 95 degrees !

Another day of great paddling coming right up.

After a break, it's back into the sun and current. The current averaged about 1 mph.

Turk's Head

You can see the heat.

Again look for the two small white spots on river bank right. That's Dean, Dave, Rob & Brian. It's is a large place. We express our appreciation that evolution did not teach the squirrels to cast stones.

Enjoying the shelter from a large overhanging ledge. These were air conditioned.

Yes Brian, the solar panel will not work under the ledge.

Can we camp here tonight?

Why is this man smiling? He is carrying the Tex Crapper.

View from camp at Mile 9

We landed about 2pm and it was too hot to set up camp so we erected the shelter.

Hey guys, bad news, I found the food bag.

Cooling off River Center.

This gives you an idea of how low the water was in the river. We did a lot of bottom scraping. And not just while sitting in the canoes.

Brian again scaled the side of the butte and shot down on our camp in the shade lower center.

Our camp was down at water's edge to the right.

From high on the butte. Our camp on the small sand bar on the right center.

I have lost the salt and pepper again.

We put up the shelter after arriving to get shade and await the sun's exit behind the butte.

Dinner was Chili and Rice.