Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 5, Sunday, September 23, 2001.

Mile 39 to Mile 25. -- 14 miles in more blazing sun and heat!

Smiling and fried!

The scenery was getting taller. This is the famous Butte of the Cross.

Brian standing in the fast water at mile 34.

Rob standing in the fast water at mile 34. No, we were not brave enough. The rock wall at the end of the chute just before the 90 degree fast left turn was not padded.

Fast water at Mile 34. A bag drag around the far right channel.


The water looks clear. Not really. It is very muddy and silt laden.

We camped at a spot up off the river in the trees.

Reading kept the flies at bay!

No, I am not making pancakes for dinner! Anyone want a pickle?

Waiting in the shade for the sun to hide behind a butte before making camp.

Post dinner cigar time. Tough life this wilderness trekking.

John Wesley Powell I presume?

Solar panel looking for sun.

This is one of the compelling reasons to carry a portable potty.

Green River ant eater.

Tenting under the desert cottonwood.

Rob and butte behind camp.

Brian returning from his butte climb.

Do you see the orange speck? That's Brian.

Dean & Brian scaled about 500 ft. up the butte behind camp.

You can see the river in the distance.

Camp from the butte's view.

Panorama of the river from the butte. Camp was to far right.

Brian resting after a hard day's paddling and butte climbing.

Relaxing after dinner watching the stars come out. We had great stars.

I must mention that the portable refrigerator running off the solar panel worked well in spite of the high ambient temperature. Kept the emergency liquid refreshment cool.

Dinner was Ham and Macaroni Cheddar Cheese

River level at this point was about elevation 3,700 ft.