Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 4, Saturday, September 22, 2001.

Mile 64 to Mile 39. -- 25 miles in the heat heat heat and more heat ! 95F!

Dave & Dean rest in the sun?

The mountains wash south.

Why are these fools stopped in mid river?

Heading for the shade.

Ducking under the overhanging tree branches for a shade break. The heat really slowed us down.

This was the view across the river from our shade break.

Mineral Bottom

Mineral Bottom. Access point just prior to the Canyon Lands National Park. The lady in the raft had come down from Green River with her dog. She was taking out here as dogs are not allowed on the river in the National Park. I suppose they represent snacks for some of the local predators.

4 years ago two people rented this Jeep in Moab and proceeded to drive it off a steep embankment and into the river. The Park Service rescued the Jeep last week and dragged it ashore at Mineral Bottom. It had been stuck in the sand under several feet of water for 4 years.


The large arch on the right....

Looks like a self inflicted photo gone bad! More rest for the weary. Did I mention it was hot!

It was wide open sun and lots of deformed red rocks. No shortage of sandstone.

Panorama of the sandy bottom at Mile 39 called Tent Bottom. We landed about 3pm but waited for the shade to arrive before we ventured out to set up camp. But first we romped in the river to cool off.

The shade made camp but the distant hills still boiled.

Catfish view of our camp at Mile 39.

The stick served as antenna this night.

Panorama of camp at Mile 39. You can see the river was low. We could easily walk to the other shore. This sand bar was at least 15 acres.

What are we doing here?

Dazed & confused?

Geoff on the Green Riviera.

Dave cooks the pork loin over charcoal. We also had barbecued beans and corn. Did I mention we had Jell-O for dessert each evening?