Canoe 2001- Green River

Day 2, Thursday, September 20, 2001. Blue skies. No clouds at all.

Hot 95 deg F however the river water was a 65 deg F COLD, "butt" refreshing !!!

Mile 101.5 to Mile 86

Adams & Chambers start day 2.

Dellenbaugh's Butte

Dean & The Butte.

It's hard to tell where the rocks start and the river stops.

Rob & Brian paddle past The Butte.

Taking shelter from the sun and a well deserved break.

This was apparently some form of Scout camp along the Green River. The Local rancher did not like our visit from off the river.

Winding our way down the river.

Jaws gets sunburned....

Brian uses his binox to find the shore line and watch the prong horns along the water line.

Brian is already burned. Note Solar Panel in foreground. It worked well. It kept the batteries charged which powered the cell phone and laptop but the walls of the canyon kept us from connecting.

Dave & Dean paddle past Dellenbaugh's Butte.

More breaks as the sun tried to roast us alive.

More muddy river. Where did Green come from?

Camp Day 2. Mile 86. We paddled 15.5 miles this day. It was HOT.

This was a nice sand bar with lots of shade.

Now let's see, where do we start dinner?

We jumped in the river as soon as we made camp. It was a real cool off from the very high temperature. Have you ever thought about washing up in a muddy river?

The kitchen. Geoff looks for something edible in the dinner pot. Dinner was charcoal grilled pork chops, wild rice and collard greens. Collard what?

Now let's see, where are we?

Brian at work on the laptop trying to connect over the canyon walls. Cell phone connected but laptop failed.