Canoe 2001- Green River

Sneed & Geoff drove from Houston via El Paso and US Rt. 666 through the Navaho Indian Reservation in New Mexico. This is near Shiprock, NM.

Brian & Rob flew to Denver and then on to Grand Junction

Here's Rob & Brian relaxing and enjoying the pleasures of an empty cabin. 30,000 feet, in a 20 seater United from Denver to Grand Junction. With appropriate refreshing refreshments. :-)

Driving to Moab.... The road from Grand Junction to Moab was first across a vast plateau of nothingness and then down a narrow winding road along the Colorado River into Moab.

Someone's idea of a cabin along the Colorado River in the remote high desert plateau of Utah

The Colorado River running through the canyon north of Moab.

The Friendly & Happy Italians do Moab Canyon Lands off road in a unique Hummer.

We did a short stop at Arches National Park outside of Moab

The Main Road on left runs through park.

Many arches.

Arches everywhere.

This is the famous Delicate Arch.

That's Brian...., I need to work on the camera settings...

This is better....

Dave and Rob... Hiking through a portion of Arches after Adams abandoned them to a 200 yard walk that was really 1 mile.

Their walk took them through the middle center.

Arches many balanced rocks.

View from the Canyon Lands overlook. As are the following pix.

more canyons lands views

Dead at Dean Horse point.

Geoff at Dead Horse Point.

A young Coyote crosses the road at Dead Horse Point.

Dead Horse Point. Elev. 6,000 ft. looking down on the Colorado River 2,000 ft below.

The Colorado River below. We took the jet boat past this point.

Honk for USA!

Off to the river tomorrow